Changing the Face of Mask Making

Our Mask Making Workshops encompass a variety of materials. We are able to supply a choice of masks suitable for both younger and older children, to suit any theme.

This Mask Making Workshop enables children to use their expression of creativity. Without a doubt, children love to glue and stick the sparkles, glitter, feathers, ribbons, sequins and more which are a hand’s grasp away. Why not add some light-hearted fun too by incorporating a fun activity for prize winning in the ‘Best Mask’ competition? This workshop is a must!

Suitable for ages 3 years and upwards

Themed Workshops

Tailor-made for your needs
Themed Workshops

Here at Crafty Crew we work for a diverse range of industry sectors developing workshops for a variety of occasions, themes and seasons. We understand the importance of creating a positive experience for all and recognise how much time and effort goes into planning successful events, whether that be in a shopping centre, festival or fun day setting as just a few examples.

Consequently, we have crafted a series of colourful, exciting and playful workshops that will engage and entertain. The workshops have been tried and tested and parents regularly enjoy the opportunity to work alongside their little ones, helping to develop their creative talents.

From seasonal themes of Easter, Halloween and Christmas to bespoke, tailor-made to your precise requirements, we are certain to have an eye-catching workshop that will enthral young and old alike!

Other Workshops

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