Questions you might have. Answers you need!

Here you'll find a few questions we commonly get asked. If you need a specific question answered or think we need to add to this section please email us or use the forms provided.

  • How many children can you cater for?
  • Our price list for your type of event ( shopping centre, children's party, family fun day…) will display a maximum number of children we can supply items to, within the price and performance hours for a particular workshop. For parties, we recommend a maximum of up to 15 children per instructor. This is to ensure that the group receives individual attention and the best outcome for the session.
  • How many children can you seat in your craft zone at large events?
  • For each individual 4-6 hour Crafty Crew workshop you book with us, we aim to seat between 15 and 20 children at any one time. We run our workshops on a continuous through-put basis, enabling customers to arrive, sit down, get creative and leave once they have finished. If you are concerned regarding through-put, we can discuss your event in detail and recommend the number of workshops you may need, capacity and number of items.
  • What is included in the price?
  • Depending on your event, costs include: instructor(s) hours, instruction, fuel,transport, craft items, materials, equipment, tables, furniture, cleaning materials (including aprons, alcohol gel, cleaning spray, kitchen roll and hand wipes), table covers, bags, insurance, signage, marquee (if required) and feedback report. Parking and congestion charges are additional to these costs.
  • When is payment required?
  • Generally, we ask customers for full payment two weeks prior to an event. This assists with our initial outlay on materials, equipment and staff. Repeat customers have the option to set up an account with us.
  • How much space do I need to provide for a workshop?
  • For corporate customers, shopping centres or large events we recommend an allocated area of 6 metres x 4 metres. Our structure spans 6m x 3m and room to manoeuvre is appreciated. For children’s parties you can either hire a 3m x 3m gazebo and furniture from us or provide sufficient work space for each child attending.
  • Do you hire or provide a venue for your parties?
  • We are happy to recommend types of venues and establishments for your event, having visited quite a few! However, as it is a very personal choice, this tends to be arranged by you.
  • How far will you travel?
  • We are based in Norwich and will travel nationwide for large events. If mileage from our base exceeds a 100 mile roundtrip, charges will be incurred for extra miles or overnight accommodation. We do not cover congestion charges or parking charges.

Need to know something else?

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